Tampa Bay Sports Commission Local Youth Sports Programming

The Tampa Bay Sports Commission, in partnership with the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Foundation, hosts 10 youth-centric and/or scholarship-exposure generating events annually for prospective student-athletes in the Hillsborough County region. Those events include combines, all-star games, and recruiting fairs. See the full lineup of these local impact events below.

Tampa Bay High School Football Combine Each year the Tampa Bay High School Football Combine offers up-and-coming athletes from Hillsborough County the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in an event modeled after the NFL Combine. Player interviews conducted at the event, in addition to their participation in the combine drills, will be used to produce recaps that will feature athletes and highlight their team's upcoming season. Athletes will be tested in the areas of speed, strength, explosive power, and agility.  In addition to these standardized performance measures, athletes will participate in position-specific drills.

Game Day of Champions Soccer

Game Day of Champions Soccer (Established in 1994), features 12 local youth soccer teams from area leagues competing at the University of South Florida’s (USF) Corbett Soccer Stadium.

The event gives local soccer youth the opportunity to compete on a grand stage and spark memories that will last a lifetime. In total, six contests will take place throughout the day. Formerly held at old Tampa Stadium (1994-1996) as well as Raymond James Stadium (1997-2011), the event transitioned to USF in April 2012.

Hillsborough County High School Football Recruiting Fair The annual High School Football Recruiting Fair takes place at a local Hillsborough County high school. This two-day event allows seniors still seeking a collegiate scholarship the opportunity to meet with college football programs, primarily from the Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, and Junior College levels. The first day of the Fair features one-on-one meetings between college and high school coaches to talk about wants, needs, and local players available. Day two includes face-to-face meetings between college coaches and eligible high school players, oftentimes accompanied by their parents, to determine if the player and college program is a good fit for one another.

Volleyball Combine Taking place on the University of Tampa's campus, home of the three-time NCAA DII Volleyball National Champions, the annual Tampa Bay Volleyball Combine, hosted by the Tampa Bay Sports Commission, is designed for high school volleyball players, aspiring to compete at the next level. The Combine, run by collegiate and high school volleyball coaches, provides participants a unique opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college recruiters. 

High School Boys and Girls Basketball Showcase These annual camps attract many talented prospects from across Tampa Bay. The event is considered one of the nation's top spring exposure camps for unsigned seniors, juniors, and deserving underclassmen. The major objective is to assist the player in improving their skills and providing exposure opportunities so as to allow for the realization of basketball dreams.

Hillsborough County East-West All-Star Baseball Game The annual Hillsborough County High School Baseball East-West All-Star Game (Est. 2010) allows up to two, uncommitted upperclassmen from each of the county’s high schools to participate with the unique opportunity to be seen by college coaches and professional scouts located in the region.

Hillsborough County All-Star Basketball Game Hosted by the Tampa Bay Basketball Coaches Association, the All-Star High School Basketball Classic is an annual showcase hosted at a Hillsborough County high school and features many of the county’s best athletes in a slam dunk contest, three-point shootout, and an all-star game.

Game Day of Champions Football 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game Day of Champions (established in 1995), is an annual football event featuring four exhibition-style games between the best youth football teams in Hillsborough County. The vision for Game Day of Champions is to reward youth football players, following a successful league campaign, with the opportunity to play a game on the same field as their hometown heroes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Traditionally, ages range from 8-12 years old with a different division being selected for each of the contests throughout the day. The Tampa Bay Sports Commission, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Hillsborough County work hand-in-hand with the various youth football organizations to find compelling matchups between their respective Super Bowl champions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Hillsborough County East-West All-Star Football Game First hosted in 1999, the annual Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Hillsborough County All-Star High School Football Game aims to recognize outstanding senior football players and cheerleaders throughout the entire county by providing the unique opportunity to participate under the lights of Raymond James Stadium. The players competing in the All-Star Game are selected by their respective high school coaches.